Hints to the course "Verfahren zur Kanalcodierung" (Error-control coding)
at CEL (Communications Engineering Lab), KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

Only in the summer semester, 4 hours per two weeks (on average), presented in German
Title: Verfahren zur Kanalcodierung
Course number: 23546
Room: kl. ETI
Weekday: Friday
Time: 14:00 - 17:15 (four hours)
Period: two weeks (average)
7 dates of course in 2017:   5.5. (start in 2nd week)
21.7. (alternate)
2 dates for exams: 26 July 2017
20 October 2017
January 2018 (rather unlikely)
Type of exam: oral


Introduction to error-control coding
Discrete channels
Basics of block coding
Maximum-likelihood decoding
Asymptotic coding gain
Noisy channel coding theorems
Linear codes
Word- and bit-error rates
Syndrome decoding
Cyclic codes
Systematic encoding
Correction and detection of single random errors and burst errors
Galois fields
RS and BCH codes
Decoding with the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm and the Euclidean algorithmus
Convolutional codes and their representation with state and trellis diagrams
Viterbi algorithm
Trellis coded modulation
Selected applications (mobile radio, satellite communication, modems, CD player)

The course is partly based on the book (in German):

Bernd Friedrichs: Kanalcodierung - Grundlagen und Anwendungen in modernen Kommunikationssystemen (Error-control coding - foundations and applications in modern communication systems). Springer-Verlag 1995. (For more details see page on books)

Those parts of the book covered in the course are available here for download (6200 KB, text in german, graphics in english).

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