Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Friedrichs

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Education and Work Record



Abitur (high-school diploma from Gymnasium Raabeschule Braunschweig)


Graduated with a Dipl.-Math. diploma in mathematics and computer science from Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany
(Diploma thesis about multivariate statistics and discriminant analysis for pattern recognition)


Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing. degree) in electrical engineering from University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
(Ph.D. thesis about implementation of adaptive filters in digital receivers)


Part-time lecturer at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) at Communications Engineering Lab (CEL),
teaching "Verfahren zur Kanalcodierung" (error-control coding)


Honorary Professor at KIT (formerly University of Karlsruhe), Germany


Employed by Ericsson (formerly known as AEG-Telefunken, ANT Telecommunications,
Bosch Telecom Public Networks, Marconi Communications) in Backnang (close to Stuttgart), Germany,
in the System Engineering department for Fixed Wireless Access, earlier in the Advanced Development department


Employed by Tesat-Spacecom in Backnang,
communication payloads system engineering

Summary of Reserach Interests

Activities illustrated

EDRS System (European Data Relay Satellite)
Legend: EDRS-A @ 9E, EDRS-C @ 31E, red = optical link from Sentinel, green = link from ISS, light blue = Ka-band feeder downlink to Central Europe (note that similar pics can be found on the web but some of them do not display the links correctly)


Antennas for Long-Haul Line-of-Sight Radio


Block Diagram of Coded Wireless Transmission

Arithmetic Operations in Galois Field GF(8)


Point-to-Multipoint Communication
Interference Pattern for Cellular Radio Systems with Frequency Re-Use


Upper and Lower Bounds for Minimum Distance of Block Codes
The n-dimensional Gaussian Distribution


Simulation and Analysis Tool for Satellite Payloads (old release)



Various Error Rates and Reference Points in a Satellite Network
Spectra in Double-Conversion Receiver


Different Bit Error Structures the (Outer) Coding Scheme should be designed accordingly

ETSI Technical Body BRAN (Broadband Radio Access Networks) - Snapshots representing years 2003-2008

Data Link Layer Specification via Message Sequence Charts and High-Level MSCs (State Diagrams) - Telelogic SDL & TTCN Suite


Adaptive Transversal Filter (Equalizer)
Asymmetric Encryption for Privacy


Main Areas of Technical and Scientific Expertise / Consulting

See below for a detailed description of the main areas of activities during my professional career in communications engineering.

Even after reaching the standard retirement age for employees, I am still active as an expert and consultant, expecially for
satellite communications engineering. Inquiries are welcome!






















ReSAT (Repeater Simulation and Analysis Tool)

The development of this simulation tool dates back to around the year of 2000. In 2011, the tool was taken over by Tesat and until 2021 I was involved
and responsible for v
arious extensions to address new topics and to simplify user interfaces. The simulator can be configured to represent transparent

epeaters, regenerative payloads, relay satellites, earth observation satellites as well as radio-over-fiber systems. Any further details on this release is
limited to screenshots here.

GUI Overview:
19 upper tabs for results including first tab for block diagram
24 lower tabs for setup

Screenshots lower tabs (simulation setup):

Screenshots upper tabs (simulation results):



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